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I wonder…
What is the national anthem of heaven?
What are its colors?
What is its flag?
What do the uniforms of the military Host look like?
And what are the protocols of the court of our great God?

How awesome His splendor!
How glittering! 
How grand!

Can you see it? 
The flag raised high, 
the clear, strong trumpets announcing the King,
the Host is all at attention in their shining white,
as “regal robes are now unfolding,
and heaven’s grandstand is all in place,” 
the drums begin to roll
and the heavenly, national anthem begins 
as the courts of heaven ring forth the triumphant sound
of the Kingdom that will never end
and a King whose fair renown will never fade with time!

"How marvelous, how wonderful! 
And my song shall ever be:
How marvelous, how wonderful!”

A nation truly under God
and indubitably indivisible,
with liberty in Christ,
and unadulterated justice for all.
"Land of the free,
Home of the brave!"
A land that right now is “fairer than day,
and by faith we can see it afar” 
– yet not so very far now! –
for Jesus is at the door,
and His jubilant and long awaited inaugural entry is about to commence.

“All hail King Jesus!
All hail Emmanuel!
King of kings!
Lord of Lords!
Bright Morning star!”

And the government will rest upon His shoulders!
Our Everlasting Father,
Mighty God,
Prince of Peace,
Wonderful Counselor!
Whose government will have no end!

Can you hear the music starting?
Can you see the flags unfurling?
Can you smell the fragrance of heaven?

“And the things of earth”
are growing “strangely dim
in the light of His glory and grace”.
The earth is fading away.
The sky is receding like a scroll.
All nations of this earth are falling
and becoming the "kingdoms of our Lord
and of His Christ! And of His Christ!
And He shall reign forever and ever!
And He shall reign forever and ever!"


The Spirit and the Bride say “Come!”
All pilgrims and strangers of earth, 
all true citizens of heaven say, “Come!”
“Let all the redeemed of the Lord say so!”
Praise the Lord!

With breathless anticipation 
We wait
With eager expectation and ceaseless hope
We wait
With deepening love and relentless faith
We wait  

The door is opening...
The King is Coming!
Even so, “Come Quickly Lord Jesus!”


prose written by: H. E. Basaar
written on: July 4, 2022
Updated: July 5, 2022
Dedicated to friend Don who inspired the writing of this piece.

Be blessed this July 4th as we look back on what was the God-blessed greatness of the United States of America and of His eternal Kingdom’s greatness then, now, and yet to come!

Looking Up,
Holy Light Ministries

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