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Poem by: H. E. Basaar, November 2009

What if America were still only a thought,

An unrealized dream and unsought?

What if comforts and security meant more

Than seeking freedom on a distant shore?

What if the pilgrims the harbor did not see,

As they crossed the ocean for religious liberty?

What if there’d been no first Thanksgiving here,

Wherein Pilgrims and Indians rejoiced without fear?

What if the Continental Congress had not met

To discuss the cost of this nation’s course to set,

To declare that all indeed are born free,

To establish a light for all the world to see?

What if there’d been no Henry or Washington?

What if there had been no Hale or Jefferson?

What if hundreds of heroes had never risen?

And to the call of sacrifice listen?

What if God’s hand had not uplifted this land

From the ashes of 1812 to stand?

What if the Awakenings had not taken place

And the U.S. disappeared without trace?

What if slavery’d not been erased by the blood

Of many who battled against the flood

Of small mindedness and ignorance

That tried to suffocate the longing for a chance?

What if this nation hadn’t known Lincoln

Who firmly fought with righteous indignation

All who stood for secession and oppression

And resisted those of hateful repression?

What if no MacArthur had dared to be bold

And valiant soldiers had not fearlessly strode

Across lands and seas and airspace unknown

And seeds of liberty been left unsown?

What would have happened to the Western world

If there’d been no stars and stripes unfurled?

What would have happened in nations worldwide

Without America by their side?

What if those of noble renown had not risen?

What if they’d not broken the bonds of prison?

What would have happened if they had said,

“We only want peace and to be well fed”?

America! Will you not awaken?

Your pillars are broken, your foundations shaken!

The fourth stage cancer of evil has spread,

And America is now nearly dead.

All that was fought for, all that was won,

Sinks deeper into dismal oblivion.

Will not men and women of courage arise,

People who are unmoved by compromise?

Where are patriots willing to lay all aside?

Where are Americans not swayed by the tide?

Where are Christians who’ll keep this nation great?

Let them stand up from every blessed state.

It is time for a moral repentance

Spiritual cleansing, political penitence.

Now is the time to storm the gates of hell

With the power of prayer and a rebel yell.