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Here is the word of the Lord to His people via Jimmy Swaggart’s church Family Worship Center in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, today, June 13, 2021. May you be blessed!

“There is a wave of glory, says the Lord, that’s coming upon my people for the last time before the trumpet sounds. And I am going to heal many, says God. And I am even going to raise some, even those who are feeble and cannot walk. I am going to open the eyes of the blind. I am going to open the deaf ears. I am going to heal those in the hospital rooms, and I am going into the psychiatric floors, and I am going to [?]. I am even going to save those who have deeply sinned, says the Lord. Satan may come in but like a flood I will lift up a mighty standard against him. Hold on, says the Lord, for I am going forth with great and mighty power because of what I did at Calvary. It is your foundation. Hold fast, says the Lord, the trumpet is about to sound.”

For more words of exhortation and prophecy, please refer to this link: https://holylight4u.wordpress.com/for-your-edification/

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Holy Light Ministries does not in anyway endorse the New Apostolic Reformation’s (NAR) false prophetic movement. Jimmy Swaggart Ministries and his church the Family Worship Center is not a part of the NAR. One must carefully discern via the Spirit and the word when it comes to prophetic words or dreams or anything said to be of God. Though Holy Light does agree with the Swaggarts that the ministry and manifestation of the Holy Spirit is for today, we do differ on a good many other issues. What are agreed on, however, are the manifestations of the Holy Spirit and the clear message of the Gospel.