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This dream is very, very detailed. I am not going to get into the details nor interpret every facet. Others have attempted this tedious task. I will not do so. The long and the short of this dream is the present rule of lawlessness with the aim being the destruction of our American rule of law. This is happening right now in the unconstitutional actions of our House and Senate. Furthermore, this aligns with Coverstone’s “November” dream regarding the race of the Conestoga wagon toward the White House wherein a trap snaps upon the ones who were attempting to entrap, and everything blows up on them. It also aligns with Coverstone’s latest dream called “The “They Don’t Hate Me, They Hate You,” Dream,” regarding the trial in the Capitol, and also aligns with the “Plumb Line” dream wherein the members of the House and Senate of the Capitol do not measure up to God’s plumb line and are therefore judged, humbled and rendered immobile.

No matter how insane things in Washington D.C. may get, remember this, God is setting them up for judgment, and matters will not be solved on a natural level because God has determined to judge them. In order to do this, the cup of their wickedness must be full. It is nearly full enough to slosh over now. God’s judgment is coming.

Thus, we as Christians must not be worried about things in politics, but instead be focused on being about our Father’s business, on seeking first the Kingdom and His righteousness, on making sure our garments are white and without wrinkle, on being washed with the water of the Word, on being holy as He is holy, on preaching the Gospel boldly without fear, without hesitation and without reservation, for the Kingdom of God is coming, is near, is nigh at hand, and the King is coming SOON!!!