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As you listen to this video which was posted on November 17th by Pastor Dana Coverstone, I pray that your heart is open to hear from the Lord. No interpretation is needed, but after you have listened to the video, feel free to read my summary and commentary on it below.


Holy Light Ministries

This dream plays out a little like a movie, with Benjamin Franklin (one of America’s founding fathers–and the one who discovered electricity by flying a kite) flying an American flag kite with a small globe on a chain at the end on a stormy night. As he does so, instead of lightning striking the kite, the hand of God emerges from the heavens and grabs the kite and proceeds to squeeze it violently. Oil and water are rung from the kite even as oil and water rain from the sky and an oil slick sheen shimmers over God’s hand. While God rotates His hand back and forth, up and down, the noise of something being shifted inside is heard. Then, the rain stopped, and God’s hand opened up to show three things: diamonds, coal, and trash. With one breath, God blows the trash away, and all that was left was the diamonds the size of cars and coal the size of boulders. There was a great contrast between them. Great pressure had been placed on both of them. After God places them in lush green grass where Franklin can see them, Franklin proceeds to solemnly say, “I guess we are no longer a republic.” And the Father replied, “No. It’s mine now, as is the whole earth.” Franklin then asked, “Where did the globe go that was attached to the flag?” And God said, “It’s still being pressured for now, but will be released in good time. Franklin keep your glasses on, your eyes sharp, and stay committed to the Captain.”

So, what does this mean? Though this dream’s meaning is not shrouded in mystery by any means at all, yet because there is so much talk about these dreams, I thought I’d type something up that might be helpful just in case.

What immediately came to my mind and heart when hearing this dream was Revelation 11:15: “The kingdoms of this world are become the kingdoms of our Lord, and of his Christ; and he shall reign for ever and ever.” This is after all, God’s goal, beginning with America.

Though it may appear that the enemy is having his way in America (and there’s no doubt the enemy is at work establishing his new world order), God is the One shaking her, sifting her, separating the diamonds from the chaff and from the magma rocks. What that shaking is and will produce is this: America is no longer a republic. She, as she was, has come to an end. And anyway, according to Benjamin Franklin (as recorded in history), it was only a republic if we could keep it. And we have not kept it.

While God tries us through the shaking that is here and the shaking that is soon to come, the world is definitely being affected and is quivering in our shadow, for one day soon they know they will be tried in the hour of temptation as it says in Revelation 3:10, “which shall come upon all the world, to try them that dwell upon the earth.” And thus God says, “they are under pressure for now.”

But, God is beginning with America. Why? Because, unlike any other nation in the world, we have been a Christian nation, dedicated to God from our inception in 1620, founded on laws and principles based in the Bible from the Declaration of Independence in 1776, to the ratification of the Constitution in 1788 and onward, and graced by His powerful presence. But, America has forgotten and forsaken God to whom she is indebted for His great grace and mercy for 400 years. Judgment begins at the house of God (1 Peter 4:17; Ezekiel 8-9). And thus, the sifting has begun and will end when God is finished.

Let’s remember that Jesus told His believers time and again to be vigilant and watchful and prayerful, and the Apostle Paul said, “pray without ceasing” (Luke 21:36; Colossians 4:2; 1 Thessalonians 5:17; 1 Peter 4:7). Even so, we must do this even more so as the Day of the Lord draws closer than ever before. Let us not get too busy nor so patriotic that we forget that what is most important is God’s kingdom come, God’s will be done on earth as it is in heaven. Let’s keep a heavenly perspective, our minds on things above, our treasure and home in heaven.


About Diamonds:

Interestingly enough, diamonds come from igneous rocks known as kimberlite which is also commonly referred to as magma. That’s right! Kimberlite as well as lamproite are what compose magma that diamonds crystallize within the kimberlite under intense pressure and heat and settle in what are referred to as kimberlite/lamporite pipes. However, not all kimberlite rock contains a diamond, only about 1 in 200. “Below-ground mining of kimberlite for diamond also requires moving enormous quantities of rock and other material in order to unearth gems, but on a much larger scale than alluvial mining. For one part diamond uncovered, it is estimated that 15 to 30 million parts waste must be moved out of the way. Unlike mining endeavors for gold or other substances, engineers cannot determine beforehand whether an area has a large abundance of diamond.”

Once kimberlite rocks are unearthed, there are several steps to refining diamonds, namely, crushing, separating and greasing.

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