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Below are several videos put out by Tony Koretz of the youtube channel Aminutetomidnite. The message being presented is by ex-32nd degree Freemason named Jeremy. The reason I am sharing these here is because what Jeremy shares coincides with Pastor Coverstone’s dreams in many ways. Though I am not a big proponent of storing food etc., –after all, when Jesus spoke of the last days in Matthew 24, Luke 17 and 21, and Mark 13, He never mentions storing up food like Joseph– I do agree with Jeremy that having something on hand is indeed wisdom. I appreciate Jeremy’s encouragement for Christians to not fear, that our God is bigger and will do amazing things on behalf of His people in the coming days and months, and I appreciate Jeremy’s apparent love for Jesus, even unto death. I also am deeply grateful for Tony’s wife Holly’s words of encouragement through Acts 16 at the end of the second video (the one from September).

His words of warning come from sources who are still a part of the Freemasons. These Freemason sources are not still his friends, but because of a long history and favors they owed him, they agreed to share information. Jeremy’s warning pertains to their plans that have been, are and will be unfolding concerning COVID-19, the insidious nature of the vaccine being produced, the real purpose behind the protests/riots, the collapse of the economy, a nuclear event or events that will look “natural” (like an asteroid), the elites moving literally underground including Jeremy’s neighbors packing up and leaving in the night and not returning, local police being relieved of their positions, FEMA being in charge, a private military, communications being shut down (social media platforms), and ultimately the demise of America’s system of government as well as the political parties, etc.

Please, feel free to take a listen for yourself and see what you think. And more importantly, take all of this to the Lord in prayer. Please, pray for Jeremy too, and for other ex-secret society people whose lives are literally on the line for simply leaving the organization and even more so for sharing information about the organization. Jeremy specifically has not only been physically unwell, but has been heavily threatened from the Freemasons. Please, pray that he, as a born again Christian, endures, is healed, fearless, and not alone — that God surrounds Jeremy with other Christians, and that his beloved dog is protected, taken care of, and loved too. Please, also remember Tony and Holly Koretz in your prayers as well. They have recently gone to New Zealand where Tony’s residence is.

Blessings in Christ,

Holy Light Ministries

May 24, 2021 Update:

Holy Light Ministries Thoughts and Call to Prayer

It is my theory (not Jeremy’s that I know of) that “they” are inundating the U.S. with illegals aliens not for the sake of votes but for the sake of chaos. That is why the elites have remained “underground”. Chaos is still on the way. As soon as they have all illegals in place, the chaos will begin. And these illegals are not simply ordinary people, they are here for a violent purpose. Yes, they brought children with them — probably sex trafficked or kidnapped or given to them by their parents who really meant well. Bringing children with them makes them look like normal people, when in effect they are not. They are the drug lords, war lords, Occultists, gang members, voodoo witch doctors, and the like who are swarming over for the demise of the U.S. No matter how hopeful things may be appearing at the moment with mask mandates being lifted and states opening up and school beginning to act more normal, do not be fooled. Chaos is coming. It’s not over yet.

If you are not from America but are a Christian, please remember to pray for us! Pray that more and more people come to Jesus. There are generations of young people in America who have NEVER heard the Gospel. You may find that hard to believe, but my next door neighbor (age 31) had never heard and a young man (late 20s/early 30s) a few blocks away had never heard it either nor an elderly Sikh woman for that matter. We are a mission field here. So, pray for the lost. Furthermore, pray for the Church to return to holiness. Pray for the Church to return to their First LOVE. Pray for the Church to repent, that they might finally live out the Great Commission instead of the American Dream.

If you are an Christian American and see what is really happening and have tried to tell others but they will not listen, I want to remind you that America is not our country nor is our leader a president. Heaven is our home, and we serve a King — King Jesus. We are ambassadors of that Kingdom, and must be declaring the Gospel without fear or reservation, for our King is coming SOON. I encourage you to reread Matthew 24, Mark 13, Luke 17 and 21, Daniel and Revelation. Lift up your heads, for our redemption is drawing near! (Luke 21:28).

Praying Fervently,

Holy Light Ministries

May 14, 2021 Update:

Holly Koretz’s dad just passed away. He was living in Pennsylvania.

May 1, 2021 Update:

Dear Reader and Listener,

Jeremy explains in this this newest recording (“Jeremy Ex 32° Freemason – Update. The Global Agenda,” May 1, 2021, https://aminutetomidnite.com/2021/05/01/358-jeremy-ex-32-freemason-update-the-global-agenda/) that much of what the Masons had told him did not exactly play out as they had told him or planned. However, those who moved away unexpectedly to undisclosed locations are still gone. So even though things did not roll out as immediately expected, something is still in the works. So, be alert, be on guard, and be prepared. Through his own health crisis, Jeremy explains he has grown closer to the Lord, and I pray that anyone reading this and who may listen to this, will grow closer to the Lord as well. Let’s be about our Father’s business. Let’s get our eyes off of ourselves and live out the Great Commission. Jesus’ return is nearer now than before. Let’s work while it is still day, and keep looking up for our redemption is drawing near.

Looking up,

Holy Light Ministries