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Free bing passover lamb

Before the Foundation…

(By: H. E. Basaar, Spring 2005)

He knew before the beginning,

He knew what it would take;

He knew we would be sinning

And of the sacrifice He’d make.


Yet, He hovered low over the waters,

He moved upon the deepest darkness,

He drempt of us, our sons and daughters,

As He graced the liquid stillness.


He fashioned the world within his hand,

Suspended it in the midst of space.

Called the stars forth within his plan,

Crafting the world and the human race.


Still, there it was before Him

The sight of pain and blood.

The stabbing evil taint of sin

Arose in His mind as a flood.


Yet, God, who is light within light,

Into the desolate abyss shone

Brilliantly down from his glorious height,

Where he sits on his heavenly throne.


Soon land was formed and birds flew,

Animals walked on dirt called Earth.

Fishes swam in oceans blue,

And trees and flowers were given birth.


The world was good, He said it was so

And graced it with a grin.

His eyes searched it out as He looked below,

For all was well therein.


Yet there it was, the horrid cost,

Of making this our world,

He saw the future tempest tossed,

And yet its realms unfurled.


He then stooped down, as He walked this land,

And scooped up some dust within his hand,

Through His fingers He felt the grains of sand,

And then molded it into something grand.


It sat there lifeless upon the earth,

As the Spirit hovered yet again.

God held His masterpiece of greatest worth,

And breathed upon it His holy wind.


He saw the blood, He saw the pain,

And yet the breath of life He breathed,

He perceived the guilt, the rancid stain,

Yet in His image, man He made.


He saw Calvary from the midst of Eden

As He looked in the eyes of Adam and Eve.

He beheld heaven from whence Lucifer’d fallen,

He looked at you, and He looked at me.


From the very beginning He saw our shame.

Before He’d made us, He understood.

Before Earth’s foundation the Lamb was slain.

Yet He looked upon us and said, “It is GOOD.