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Today a new president will be elected to lead this nation. Though elections have never been nice nor sweet, in the history of American elections, this one by far is the worst. At one time it could have been said that the election of Abraham Lincoln had been the worst. At that time 4 candidates debated and were on the ballot. It was loud and crazy. The press was unfair, the candidates nasty to each other, and the nation was in an uproar. The hot topic was slavery. It was a miracle that Abraham Lincoln won.

This election however, is worse than that one, for neither candidate is Christian no matter what they say, and neither candidate is a person of character. One is a modern, well-polished, bombastic, big-mouthed, capitalistic businessman whose Achilles heal is an 11 year old tape and women who’ve suddenly appeared to defame him. On the other hand, we have a candidate who is at least a 4th level Illuminati witch, who is surrounded by those who practice Occultism, is an Alinsky Communist, a law-breaking, lying lawyer and politician whose Achilles heal is her sordid past and her sordid present. Many are finding it hard to vote for either one of these candidates and rightly so. Nevertheless, today, one of them will be elected to the highest office in the United States.

Truly one could become like “Bloody Mary” and the other like the “Emperor Constantine”. For on the one side you’ve got a real witch looking to overturn all that has made America good and great and godly, who hates Christianity, and who would rule all with an iron fist. Her vision is Illuminati in nature, and the Illuminati goals are what modern Communists espouse. Under her rule and authority there would no longer be “the land of the free and the home of the brave”. What there would be, however, is persecution of Christians, the enforcement of immorality, Occultism/Witchcraft openly advocated, Sharia law enacted, a one world government birthed, and more foul things than can readily be listed in a short article. Not only this, but her Vice President is Jesuit. The history of the Jesuits is bloody, militant, and unquestionably cruel. Though their overt militancy seems to have disappeared, it has not, but is alive and well in South America and Mexico even today. However, in most countries around the world they are stealthy and sly, blending in with those around them. In the 1800s they decided what they could not take by force they would by stealth. To Protestants they would be Protestant, and they infiltrated the universities and churches. In the present, it is through Ecumenism that they are successfully gaining ground. The Jesuits also joined forces with the Illuminati in the late 1700s, forming an unseen bond for the sake of a long term goal of world domination.

On the other hand, we have a man whom some Christians are calling a modern day Cyrus the Great. However, Cyrus he is not. But, the Emperor Constantine he may be. Though history reports that the Emperor “converted,” it is also reported that he did not give up his high priesthood of his sun god religion. In truth, the trusting Christians signed their freedom away for the sake of stopping the persecution. For, he was not a true Christian, yet in bringing the horrific persecution of Christians to an end, Christians agreed to his headship of the Church. This unholy alliance at first helped to establish and solidify doctrinal purity (a good thing). However, it inevitably led to the dark ages of Church and European history, and a new type of persecution was born under the sword of the unmerciful Roman Catholic Church. What could then unfold in America under such a “Constantine” is something akin to what happened then, only this time it will be under the Ecumenical sword that persecution will arise. In other words, Christians would rise against Christians. If the next president is a Constantine, the Christians, in effect, thinking that they are safe, will let down on their praying, put their hope and trust in the president and get slow cooked like the proverbial frog. In short, what appears to be a good thing could bring about unexpected persecution.

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This election is symbolic of the state of this nation. It is a picture of how far we as a nation have fallen. We are a wicked nation. We are a deplorable nation. We are no longer “good”. We are no longer great. We have been called to repentance, but have not responded. We are still being called, even as Ninevah in the book of Jonah.

This election is not only symbolic of the state of this nation, but the state of the American Church. The American Church is spotted by sin, wrinkled by political correctness, made unclean by conforming to the world, drunk on entertainment, muddied by New Age, eastern, mystical philosophy, high on feel-goodism, made foul by demonic manifestations being touted as the Holy Spirit, possessed by syncretism (believing what we want from the Bible and other religions and mixing it all together into our own truth), and corrupted by ecumenism (unity with Roman Catholicism and other world religions).

But, God does not create hybrids, nor has He genetically modified His body so that it now looks like the world. He still calls us to be without spot and without wrinkle, to be holy as He is holy, to be set apart wholly unto Him, a peculiar people, ambassadors, pilgrims and strangers in this world.


No matter what the outcome of this election might be, of this I am more than certain: God is still calling America and the American Church to repentance. We are not in the clear. This issue is unresolved, for there has been no repentance yet. If a Constantine is elected, God’s call to repentance will more than likely still be overlooked and unheeded. If a Bloody Mary is elected, God’s people will have no other choice but to fall away or fall on their faces.

It is said that we only have 2 choices in this election….but we don’t. We have a third choice. The third choice is the path less traveled. The third choice is unpopular. The third choice is not found at the polls nor spoken of in the news. It is a disregarded choice, one not taken seriously.

If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land (2 Chronicles 7:14).

Let’s remember the harbingers of 9/11 and the harbingers that have since followed as explained by Jonathan Cahn in The Harbinger and . Let us not proudly think that America can be great again without welcoming Jesus back into this nation. Let us heed the voice of God, lay aside our agendas, surrender our selfish wants and comforts, quit putting out hopes in a candidate and get on our faces and repent. NOW is the time. There may not be another.


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