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“The State of the Nation”
Poem by: H. E. Basaar, October 2004

We are born into an America filled with lies
Raised to live our lives by tepid compromise;
Here one is taught that what is really real
Is only what you choose to think and feel.
We are born into a land that’s filled with scorn
Where deceivers rule and divisiveness is born.
We are told not to question rulings of the state
Where morals lose and God is second rate,
Where any word or thought or opposing stance
Is viewed through the lense of intolerant tolerance.

While politicians bow to gods of greed and fornication
We’ve forgotten that righteousness exalts a nation.
People pledge allegiance to what they think is right;
As the children of Liberty refuse to fight.
Ravenous for power, evil raises high its head
Clutching and grasping ‘til freedom is dead.
Indeed the blade of truth has become dull
As Americans of weary heart and timid soul
Leave the sword lifeless in its rusty sheath,
Choosing comfortable complacency to lay beneath.

Awaken those of you in this land of greatness born!
Awaken! Do not your Creator, Savior scorn!
As truth is succumbing to vile interrogation
Do not back down in defense of this nation.
Remember who you are within this fading light
Unfurl the banner and do what is right!
Do not muddle the lines between evil and good
Take a stand; be who you are; do what you should!

(Compliments of Ameristella.wordpress.com)