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Though Americans are focused on the election, the candidates, voter suppression, illegal activities, who won or didn’t win, the true enemy is not a political party nor anything in the natural. Indeed,  Republicans, the destruction of our Constitutional right to freedom of conscience and to practice Christianity, illegal immigrants, intolerance of the so-called tolerant, a divided Congress, Democrats, the Supreme Court, are not America’s giant to be defeated.

A minister once spoke of the greatness of America throughout our history, how God established us, preserved us, and defended us from the war of Independence in 1776 to the War of 1812. And truly, against all odds America was founded, and miracle upon miracle of God bejewels the handiwork of America. Alexis de Tocqueville wrote of America’s greatness back in the formative years of America after the war for Independence, and he determined after much observation that America’s greatness was not found in our government nor military nor monetary system. It was not because we were agrarian nor because we were small and definitely not because we were a democracy, for Alexis de Tocqueville knew that historically all democracies fail. Rather, he found the greatness of this nation founded upon the doctrines of its churches and the morality of its people.

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The minister was right on when it came to God’s founding and preservation, but took a turn when he placed emphasis on our nation needing a “man” to help us and placing undue emphasis on the coming election. After all of America’s amazingly miraculous stories, the pastor ended his sermon by telling everyone that we need a man who knows how to fight for America like General Patton, that even though Patton was crude and no one liked him, he was the general of the hour and that the military of WWII needed him in order to win the war.

We don’t need a man like Patton. We don’t need a great military again. We don’t need a financial guru. Voting is not the answer. A leader, the military, finances and voting have never been the answer! If those had been the answer then America would not be in existence!!

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Isaiah 31:1, 3a states, “Woe unto them that go down to Egypt for help; and stay on horses and trust in chariots, because they are many; and in horsemen, because they are very strong; but they look not unto the Holy One of Israel, neither seek the Lord!…Now the Egyptians are men, and not God; and their horses are flesh and not spirit…” Egypt in that day was mighty militarily. So, when Israel was threatened by the Assyrians they put their faith in Egypt’s Pharaoh and military might. But God emphatically predicts that, “Therefore shall the strength of Pharaoh be your shame, and the trust in the shadow of Egypt your confusion!” (Isaiah 30:3). It was folly for Israel to trust in someone other than God for their protection and deliverance. God’s purpose behind Israel’s trouble with the Assyrians was to call them to fall on their knees before Him in repentance for their sins. As soon as they would throw away the idols of their hearts, God desired to sweep through and save them (Isaiah 31:4-9).

God forbid that the Church and America figuratively look to Pharaoh and Egypt like Israel did!! How dare we look to a Patton or a Pharaoh for help? How dare we defiantly think that voting will protect us? How dare we go on thinking that a strong non-Christian leader will make America great again? How dare we repeat what Israel did and blindly believe we will reap better results? Do we think we are immune? Do we think that God cannot see our sin? Israel actually thought that too, and they were dead wrong!

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The root of America’s problem lies in the churches when sin ferments like sugar and yeast, feeding the cancer, and Ecumenism pollutes it under the guise of a cure; False doctrine drugs it with lying teachers, prophets, new age concepts and the supernatural, and rebellion eats away at the foundation like termites, flaunting its disdain for correction and authority, even the correction and authority of God’s word. Thus, the repentance needed lies not solely in the world-though they too are called to repent- but rather, in the Church who is anything but pure or holy, and who like Israel, have raised up abominations in the Sanctuary of God.

Now, I must add, that there have been recent developments in 2020 wherein a number of God’s people repented. But there are countless other Christians who, for whatever reason, did not feel the need to do so. Furthermore, the nation of America has not repented, but has and is growing more and more profane, foul, and degenerate than ever in its history: from the passage of the sex ed bill in Washington state, to the law passed in California that funds children’s sex changes, to the blood of murdered babies, to aborted fetal cells becoming inhredients in vaccines…and the abominations are endless!

America was great because she was good, and her goodness was rooted in God and in His people who lived by His moral precepts.

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No. Our hope is not in an election. Our hope is not in a man. Our hope is not in the military of America. Nor is our enemy physical, as if it can be voted away, and thus, our nation cannot be saved by physical means. Our Goliath is not a man nor a nation nor a president nor a military. No financial superman will save this nation. No political lone ranger will rescue us. No iron man military genius will preserve us. No Pharaoh, no Egypt will be our strength or covering. No one and nothing can help America. There is no hope………outside of God.

For God is calling His people to repentance. God is calling America to repentance. That, and only that, will turn this nation around. To believe that anything else will is not only ridiculously wrong but it is blindly missing the point that we’ve been called to see. God’s Church as a whole and God’s people individually need to repent. This is America’s ONLY hope.