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So, what then is Roman Catholicism?

The word Catholic literally means “universal.” It has been said that the Roman Catholic church was officially established by the Emperor Constantine and that though this establishment did stop the rabid persecution of Christians, what Constantine started in place of that persecution was far more insidious. According to ex-Illuminati member Doc Marquis, the emperor, Constantine, took that which was overtly pagan and placed a Christian name on it, thus making Christianity more acceptable to pagans; he married the Occult to Christianity.

Though there are scholars who disagree with Doc Marquis’ assessment that Constantine was more pagan than Christian and laid the foundation for Roman Catholicism, the unshakable fact remains that present day Roman Catholicism is more Occult than Christian.

Here are two sets of lists. On the left side are Roman Catholic beliefs, and on the right are the beliefs of Babylonian Occultism/Mystery Religions of the world.

Roman Catholicism:                                    Babylonian Occultism

Mary was sinless                                         Semiramis sinless mother goddess

Mary immaculately conceived                   Semiramis immaculately conceived

Jesus                                                              Tammuz

Mary was resurrected                                  Semiramis was reincarnated

Mary was assumed into heaven                Semiramis ascended into heaven

Mary is the Queen of Heaven                     Semiramis is the Queen of Heaven

Mary Forgives Sins                                     Semiramis Forgives Sins

Confession to a Priest is mandatory        Confession to a Priest                                                                                                was mandatory

Sacrifice: The Eucharist wherein Jesus        Human Sacrifice is Imperative

is sacrificed over & over

again during Mass through


Further evidence that Roman Catholicism comes from Babylonian Occultism, is found on their altar for Mass. Below are two more lists. On the one side the list states what is on a Roman Catholic altar during Mass. On the other side is what is on an Occult altar during their ceremonies.

Roman Catholicism                                         Occult Ceremony

1.) Some type of table cloth/linen;              1.) Some type of table cloth/linen

often white but can be                                    Can be any color

colored for holidays.

2.) Incense                                                     2.) Incense

3.) Candles                                                     3.) Candles

4.) Bells                                                          4.) Bells

5.) Book/Order of Service                           5.) Book/Order of Service

6.) Dish of Bread which becomes the       6.) Dish of Flesh from Sacrificial

actual flesh of Christ during the ceremony                         Victim

7.) Chalice of Wine which becomes the    7.) Chalice of Blood from the

actual blood of Christ during the ceremony                   Sacrificial Victim

It is clear that Catholicism is more Occult in nature and doctrine than it is Christian.

Occultism goes back as far as the Tower of Babel. The names of gods and goddesses and traditions have changed with every culture and language over time, but truly, everything listed as a belief of present day Catholicism goes back to Babylonian Occultism that started at the Tower of Babel.

Now we will go a bit more in depth concerning a few of those Roman Catholic practices that are unquestionably Occult in nature: the concept of Mary being Queen of Heaven, Transubstantiation, and Luciferian worship in the Vatican.

To Be Continued….