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why I write

There are heresy hunters out there, looking for someone to slip up, make a silly statement, or do something with which they disagree. There are those who vehemently teach that the Holy Spirit does not manifest today. That was for the days of the Bible, but now we have the canon of Scripture. Prophecy has passed away. Gifts of the Spirit have passed away.

I am not one of those.

Though not looking or disbelieving, I have come to a shocking realization over time that some of those I’ve grown up highly respecting have been teaching heresy. One such person I grew up wanting to be like. At age 13 and up, I idolized this person. I went to his meetings, bought his books, wanted to talk like, look like, and act like him. I even wanted to gray early because he did! He was anointed, a man of God being used mightily, and I longed to be anointed and be used mightily by God too! I wanted to see the sick healed, the dead raised, the demons cast out, and have the powerful manifestations that he did in his miracle crusades.

There were those who criticized him, but I dismissed what they said because they did not think that the manifestations of the Holy Spirit were for today. Sure, he said some off the wall things sometimes and held some idiosyncratic biblical theories, but we all have theories. I liked theories! The critics just did not tolerate those who believed a little differently.

However, what I did not realize, is that the minister I idolized was openly teaching unbiblical things not as a theory but as a fact, while at the same time telling everyone that the Bible was the standard to be followed in all doctrine and practice. My heart is grieved now by this powerful truth, and I pray for the minister that I esteemed and looked up to in every way. He is in grave error.

You see, when I write what I write on this website, I am not writing simply to expose for the sake of exposing nor is my response harsh or cynical or critical because I think the supernatural is not for today. Though I may get passionate about repentance and the truth, my heart is broken over what is happening to the Church. I am grieved for the Body of Christ that is falling prey to this horrific deception. People, who love Jesus, who are hungry for God, who long for the manifestations of the Holy Spirit, are being led astray to the subtle beat of another Gospel and they don’t even know it! And this is not about naming names, it is about false teaching and false prophecy and lying signs and wonders. There will be names mentioned at times, however, because people are being led astray by leaders who are deceived, and by leaders who are deceivers. It is hard to tell the difference between these two types of leaders. But whether deceived or deceivers, they are still propagating deception and that deception must be exposed….that we might better know how to pray….that the Church and its leaders might come to repentance.

After all, “many will say… ‘Lord, Lord, did we not prophesy in your name, and cast out demons in your name, and do many mighty works in your name?’ And then will I declare to them, ‘I never knew you; depart from me, you workers of lawlessness,’” (Matthew 7:22-23).

This is why I write.